Tuesday, June 9, 2009


A new blogger I am. I am not at all sure I have done any part of it right. But here goes!
Several years ago I watched as a mockingbird picked up a small tufted titmouse in his beak and twirled him around unmercifully. I watched that same mockingbird or one of his brothers do similarly mean things over and over. I couldn't help but wonder how he could be so mean. Then seemingly, I knew. He had no song of his own!! When I did a little looking on the internet on mockingbirds, I found they , indeed, do have a song of their own but seldom sing it. Rather they mimic the songs of the birds around them.
There seemed a 'faith' lesson in this to me. Perhaps we Christians fuss and fight, dicker and divide, because the faith song we sing is not our own. I want 'the song that I sing' to be my own, my relationship with God to be deep and personal, the experiences of my life to have 'growth' meaning for me and perhaps for others. Hence, the name - 'A Song of My Own.' Hopefully, the notes will become sweeter as I go along.

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