Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Fun Galatians

We have just returned from a fun vacation (a fun Galatians to great-granddaughter, Bayleigh). It rained, it snowed and the purpose of the trip, at least in the hunter's minds, was probably not realized. But what fun it is to have great-granddaughters, to be around little ones when one is in her eighth decade (think I have the right one) was. For any readers who don't know Remington is our little dog. He was outweighed, out heighted and all the other outs by the five other family dogs in the crowd, not to mention outrun by the two little girls who at three and almost two have found their legs. I made the mistake of taking Remington to the cabin where the little girls and one very large dog lived for the week. He did very well with it all for a while, but then on one race through the sunporch he lifted his leg at the table leg and you know what ensued. Bayleigh, following close behind, stopped and called, "Mommy, come quick! Reninghan just spilled his juice." I hope my memory retains this one into my ninth decade!
Why am I telling you this? To encourage you in several directions. If you have a marriage you are thinking of canning, think again! A family held together through the generatons is worth working for! If you have a son-in-law or daughter-in-law (this doesn't apply to you, girls!) that you don't like much, learn to! Good family relationships cannot flourish where love does not flow freely in all directions. If you have some possessions that are more important to you than the children in your family, change your mind! I guarantee that antique piece of furniture, that new carpet that you are protecting, that old car or whatever else is dear to you won't have a good word to say about you at your funeral. My most prized possession at this point in my life is my relationship with my grandchildren. And I feel pretty donfident that as the next generation increses in number and in years they will swiftly become a part of that 'prized possession' circle.

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