Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Tribute to Rick McBay

Rick McBay - the man I asked many years ago to make me a box that I could put under our Christmas tree and it would become 'Uncle Clyde's Treasure Chest.' Rick built me a box - though not a box, but rather a beautiful slatted chest complete with curved lid. Many children had great delight from the simple gift they chose from that box. If you read this and are one of those kids, please add this kind action to the list of good things that Rick McBay did. My tears are for you, Sandy, Brian and Teral and all the rest of the family


  1. I remember that chest -- our kids dipped into it at leastonce when you lived in Beamsville --and yes Rick willbe missed.

  2. I loved getting treasures from that box. Fond memories visiting your home.