Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From Sorrow's Heart - A Gift

I just read an article in the London Free Press entitled 'From Sorrow's Heart A Gift.' The request from the family of Fred Preston asking people to make donation to the family of the slain police officer inspired this title. How could it ever be worded in a better way for this tragedy or any of the multiple tragedies and heartaches that come to all of us. It behooves all of us who know this family to do all in our power to help them work through the details of the tragedy in such a way that we will all receive 'a gift from sorrow's heart.' If we don't Satan will win one more battle and more sorrow will be the result. It was Grant Preston, who many years ago, made me aware of the meaning and beauty of 1John Chapter 1. May we all get into the Light, embrace each other as God embraces us, in full and complete love. Love begets love

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